Four Tips to Follow Before Installing Tivoli Storage Manager

admin-toolStoring and managing the data is extremely essential for every business because the data is usually related to business transactions, financial records and client information. For a small scale business, managing the data isn’t quite difficult. However, the same doesn’t goes for the large scale businesses. With the vast amount of data, manual storage and management is not possible. What they need is an automated data storage and management system which is capable of taking care of the vast amount of data. Apart from the storage and management, it was also necessary for the system to filter and scrutinize the data to avoid duplication.

Out of the several available data management systems, the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) has gained worldwide popularity. The Tivoli Storage Manager is advanced enterprise level software that can efficiently manage and backup the data systematically across the several disk arrays. The TSM backup software primarily focuses on the progressive incremental backup method while backing the data.

If you are planning to get this software integrated in the business, then here are some vital guidelines to follow:

•    Before incorporating this software, it is essential to have a proper understanding about the software. This is because as per a common misconception that this system involves week full backups. Actually due to its uniqueness of architecture, the TSM backs up only those files that have either been added or modified.

•    While storing the data, the Tivoli Storage Manager makes use of the disk storage pools that are later on transferred to tape. This procedure allows the several backups to be done as these are not dependent on availability of the number of tape devices. The size of the storage pool must be large enough to hold atleast data equivalent to one night’s backed up data.

•    The size of the tape subsystems must be capable of holding the entire backup data that must be kept onsite. In the absence of sufficient storage space, the full tapes would be automatically ejected to allow the empty tapes to fit in.  However, this particular system does interfere with the automated functioning of the TSM. Therefore, it is essential for the administrators to make sure that the tape library has sufficient amount of tape devices.

•    The TSM has the ability of store the data for individual systems separately. In other words, the data for a particular system would not be mixed with those of other systems. However, this particular capability makes use of numerous data tapes and hence must be carefully implemented.

Understanding these above guidelines, you would not be able to successfully incorporate the TSM backup but also reap the most of its benefits. You can even search over the internet for better guidelines for a better understanding of the beneficial aspects of the Tivoli Storage Manager.


List of Highly-Efficient Attributes of a Tivoli Storage Manager

Organizations of present times maintain their entire database on computers. Since, most of the task is processed in computer, it is necessary to make use of highly-efficient data storage software. Numerous challenges are faced by organizations for which, they can lose significant data. So, for staying away from such stressful situations, powerful data backup software is essential. The TSM software is a recognized name in the industry, which comes with commendable capacity.

This extremely efficient software was first known as Adstar Distributed Storage Manager or ADSM. It is mainly a client or server program, which o0ffers the platform of centralized and automated data protection and various other solutions related to storage management. Additionally, TSM has the ability to help clients even in the case of a multi-vendor environment. The TSM software offers policy-managed backup, archive and space-management for application servers, workstations and file servers.

Features of IBM’s TSM Software
The software is mainly ideal for commercial usage, which contains a set of efficient features that functions for archive management, data backup and recovery.

Progressive Backup Process
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager offers a set of progressive data backups and thus, saves storage time and space of the user. The striking and most efficient software is: once data is stored in it if there is no further modification or change, it does not backup the significant documents and other crucial data. If the software discovers any kind of change or modification, it starts with the backup automatically, which further helps in tracking data wherever being stored and directly restore data as well within one significant step. Furthermore, this special attribute minimizes the requirement of differential backup and restore method, which is mostly used by various other products.

Dynamic Multi threaded Transfer
This attribute helps clients in the process of transferring data from the same TSM server simultaneously. In comparison to a single-threaded session, performance of this particular feature is around three times more effective. The unmatched speed is generally acquired by making optimal use of the data transfer session that is entirely based on resources available.

Adaptive Differencing Technology
As per the software’s requirement, it modifies the backed up data automatically. By utilizing the process of adaptive differencing, every data is being sent to the server in form of file level, block or bytes. This phenomenon is mainly based on modified portion and the specific file size. The technology supports a range of connectivity platforms including dial-up connections, Internet, LANs and WANs.

The highly-efficient features of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager software have made it popular across the globe. Huge and automatic storage space ensures no loss of data and stores data efficiently. So, it is highly advantageous for a company to incorporate the application of this software into their business operations.

Difference between TSM and Traditional Backup Software

Though TSM is considered as one of the most flexible data backup and management tool used in varied industries, there are many users who still face numerous issues, while utilizing this software. Tivoli Storage Manager or TSM of IBM has been ruling the market for a very long time. This application software was primarily presented in the market for usage in the “early nineties”as ADSM commonly known as the ADSTART Distributed Storage Manager. This software was not built or manufactured with some primary concept of data storage management.

ADSM that belong to the early nineties era was actually a form of developed networking backup tool commonly known as Workstation Data Safe Facility or WSDF, which was basically used for the virtual machine’s operating systems created or generated by IBM in their late eighties.

There Are Numerous Differences Between Tivoli And The Traditional Backup Tools. Here Are Some Of The Most Prominent Ones Outlined:

Progressive Incremental Backup:

One of the most prominent things that differentiate TSM server from the traditional backup software is advanced incremental backup structure. The basic concept about the latest software is that it does not restore or back up stuffs that has already been stored, rather they back up only those files that come as updates of the files previously restored. The kep motive of this software is to lessen the number of files that are moved for backing up via network.

For this, TSM or Tivoli Storage Manager has got its database of files and data, where it keeps the record. This database also allows them to have control over the following factors:

  • Helps you to maintain the “point-in-time” system data.
  • And also helps one to know whether the files are previously backed or not.

For instance, if you are trying the restore some files of the previous day, this software will only restore the ones that are new and never backed up before.

Support Tools for TSM

TSM of IBM is known as one of the best available backup and data management software in the market. Experts considers this software as the most easy to use application, but to many uses, this software has proved to become complex.

Thus, many companies came up with support tools for Tivoli and TSM server, which would make using them much easier for the users. These support tool are effective enough and helps people greatly to make use of the Tivoli Storage Manager.

Benefits of Using Tivoli Storage Manager for Data Back Up

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is application software used to back up the data of a huge enterprise. This is mainly used to archive data so that it can be accessed easily whenever required. The software provides protection against data loss. This storage manager is capable of managing data across arrays of disks and tape libraries. TSM can be managed according to the choice of customers. The application is capable of managing all sorts of data: both new and old. There are several advantages of using this data backup system.

Fast backupThe benefits of using Tivoli Storage Manager:

This application software can help huge enterprise in a number of ways. The system plays a crucial role in huge enterprises by preserving all the data and help in retrieving them when required. This reduces or eradicates the risk of data loss. The following are few benefits offered by TSM server and Client Downloads:

Saves time and money:

The TSM server helps in keeping track of the data and keeps the data synchronized. The data is easily found at the time of requirement by the users with the help of the application. The work cannot be done by human beings. Keeping tracks manually is not only impossible but costly too. But the TSM server helps is cost effective data back up and reduces the burden. The client download option helps to retrieve data and information whenever it is a necessity.

Complete protective measure:

The servers are capable of capturing all sorts of data. The new data as well as the old one, both saved in the disk of the computer are automatically and effortlessly preserved by the server. The client can choose from two options provided by the application, to maintain the replica of data.

Easy to understand storage:

The data that the server backs up are transferred to tapes. This software uses a data storage pool. Therefore, simultaneous backup and storage functions can be performed without waiting or thinking about the storage space that is actually available. The disaster management module is user-friendly. This captures all the modifications made to the data thus keeping the backup ready to be retrieved whenever needed.

Adaptable to all environments:

A large number of commercial areas make use of this software. It can be used in remote offices, mobile work stations, enterprise desktops and small business owners can make use of the software. The configuration and installation of the software is easy. A silent deployment of the software is allowed via Microsoft SMS which is basically development software.

The software is useful and it promotes transparent and effortless data storage. The installation is easy and it is cost effective, as well. A hierarchical storage management is used by the software. TSM Server and Client Downloads is easy to use and versatile software.

Tips for Successfully Utilizing the Tivoli Storage Manager

Data storage and management is very much important since it proves beneficial for a company to take a look into its own past records and plan accordingly in the future. Small companies might not have a huge amount of data and can do the manual data storage, the large scale companies tend to have numerous data and information related to their customers, transactions and other stuffs. This vast amount of data calls for an automated data storage and management.

In the present scenario, the most popular online software for data management and storage is the IBM Tivoli storage manager. This is a centralized enterprise class data backup and recovery package. This particular software enables the companies to insert objects not only via backup but also through the various archive tools. The Tivoli storage manager console lets you to keep a track of the data collected and stored. This would allow you a single point control of the entire data, instead of the multiple point control and thus makes the entire data backup and recovery.


If you are installing this effective data storage and management system, then here are few tips for successfully implementing the TSM:

  • The TSM makes use of the disk storage pools for the purpose of backing up the data and them transporting the data to the tape. Here, multiple concurrent backups can be easily performed since these are not dependent upon the number of storage devices available. The disk pool must be sufficient enough to hold at least an entire day’s data. If this is not taken care of, then the data would be automatically transferred to the tape which might interfere with the other processes.
  • The process of data deduplication is appropriate when going with disk storage. However, this process should not be used with the TSM. Using the deduplication competent storage would yield better rate of reduction in the data when used in a storage pool.
  • The tape subsystem sizing must be done in such a way that it can hold all the backup data to be kept. The lack of capacity would result in the rejection of the full tapes for making room for the empty tapes. This force rejection would somehow interfere with the automated processes of the TSM, in turn, leading to severe results for the business. Therefore, the tape library must be configured with ample amount of tape storage devices for the accommodation of all the direct data backups.
  • The disaster recovery manager module of the TSM is perhaps the most important of the entire data storage, recovery and management. This module should be properly and fully configured with the priority of file documentation and maintenance. Every time the TSM is used, the disaster recovery system would run a TSM recovery file which would be actually capturing all the TSM configuration data and other information.

Keeping in mind all of these tips, you can successfully implement the Tivoli storage manager console for effectively collecting and managing the data for the business.

Steps To Follow While Buying the Best TSM Support Tools

Tivoli, being one of the most popular and market leading data management software of today has earned significant acclamations from enterprises around the world. This software, launched by IBM is considered as one of the most selling and popular data protection software of recent times and thus has countless people using them in their companies and enterprises.

But the biggest issue that arises with these data management applications is that most of the users fail to use this application perfectly. What is the use of using an application software, which you can’t use properly or utilize all its effective features. Through this software is said to have some of the most simplest and easy to use interface, yet users find it difficult to access. To find a solution for such problems, some companies brought in support applications in the market that not only allowed users to use TSM properly, but also provided them with some added advantages.

As mentioned earlier, various companies launched support tools in the market, but how can you judge that which one is the best for you and would support your enterprise the best? Well, here are a few easy ways, which you can use for deciding which support tool would support your IBM Tivoli Storage Manager the best.

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Importance of Data Management with Tivoli Storage Manager

People debate upon the requirement and necessity of data management and storage software systems. According to some people, this system plays the most crucial part in an organization, while the others say that this isn’t that important. They think that an organization can run easily without taking the help of such data management software. In context to this debate, lets us throw some light on the important features and benefits of using a data management and storage software.

A Brief Introduction about Data Management and Storage Systems:

Most people have an unclear concept about data management software. For them, this software is like applications that allow the users to store data, manage them and recover them at the time of loss. With the use of this application, you can keep all your files and documents synchronized and find them easily, right when you need it. Handling this task manually is next to impossible; it not only involves lots and lots of time, but also makes you invest money behind the salary of these employees.

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Adept TSM products offer proficient data security solutions

IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager is acclaimed as one of the most flexible backup software which is catering the high-end business professionals for quite a noted period of time. This potential backup tool was introduced in early 90s as Ad star Distributed storage Manager (ADSM) which was built with a focus on concepts of mainframe data storing management. This software mainly evolved from (WDSF) Workstation Data Safe Facility which was a backup tool for distributed network launched by IBM in late 80s.

TSM backup

Some of the valuable attributes of TSM backup software are hereby noted.

Advanced Incremental Backups

IBM’s advanced incremental configuration is one of unique areas of focus to consider. The fundamental concept behind these is to provide more backup options to ensure the protection and restoration of data in proper manner. In case of first time restoration of a file, all the copies are backed up. After that, only the files which are subsequently changed are only backed up. Hence, it helps one to reduce the level of data content which needs to transfer through the network. To do this, TSM mainly maintain a database to know about the objects it copies and moreover to know about:

  • If a file is backed up earlier.
  • To maintain point-in-time state information.

Backup Versions

TSM uses the backup object reasoning to maintain definite point-in-time data content. Compared to other incremental backup tools, TSM retains data on file versions and not on media or ‘jobs’ version. With each file to back up, there is active and inactive version of configuration. TSM retains a predefined number of versions to be accessed for a specified timeframe. Hence, effective and competent TSM products of premium quality offer proper data restoration management and ensure protection of information in a systematic manner.

Storage Pool Hierarchy

TSM backup software stores the backup objects in a number of storage pools. These backup objects are aimed to storage pools which are further associated with specific device classes. Storage pools use random access equipments or sequential access devices. Moreover, TSM support association of “server” devices with the storage pools means that the backup data can be migrated in a transparent manner from the local storage devices to remote TSM servers.

Crafted Line Interface

TSM backup software provides an inclusive (CLI) Command Line Interface which allows every single TSM backup, management, restore, reporting and monitoring operation to be conceived. Usually, a command line interface is available on both client’s monitor and TSM server.

TSM servers are potential enough to resist the craving process of a full backup and offer a specified backup which allow the selected files to backed up in cases of no further changes since last incremental backup of the files. To add, this proficient and highly potential TSM data backup tool provides adequate support to the high end professional for a proper data restoration framework.

Ensures No Data Loss with Tivoli Storage Manager

Companies in today’s date need to store a huge amount of data for future security. But due to sudden disaster struck, companies might lose all their valuable information. This as a reason increases the need for a powerful backup software. In order to keep the information intact, many applications have come into existence. One such name is the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. This massive powerful software has the capability to store huge number of data and decreases the stress of losing the valuable information.

TSM server

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